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Kimberlee Ann Harestad
Loan Originator
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When is it okay to splurge?
Thinking of splashing out a lot of money on fancy new car or dream vacation? Ask yourself these six questions to avoid financial chaos.

Make $100,000? Here's where you're likely to get the biggest tax cut
The majority of tax filers will see a federal tax cut this year. But a new analysis finds there can be notable differences in how big the average cuts will be in a given income group based on where filers live.

3 ways to recover from a late start on retirement planning
Even if you have nothing in your 50s, you still have enough time to significantly improve your retirement prospects, if you're willing to start taking serious steps now.

Is Manhattan's rental market finally cooling off?
Rent prices in Manhattan are slowing down and landlords are offering concessions as inventory on the island grows.

How office design can isolate women
Some desk arrangements put women workers at a disadvantage.

California is creating one big online community college
The state's booming industries will be looking for skilled workers and this online community college intends to retrain them.

How women over 50 can reinvent their careers
Starting a new venture at any age can be terrifying, but older workers face unique challenges.

It's time for corporate boards to tackle #MeToo
Even at the very top of American workplaces, people stay silent when it comes to sexual harassment.

How to put an end to vacation shaming
Vacations are good for both workers and employers, but some workers are scared to take time off.

Amex launches new cash back card
With more credit card holders looking for flexibility in rewards, Amex is launching a cash back card that allows for flexible payment.

I need a student loan. What are my options?
Borrowing for college should be a last resort. But if you need a student loan, there are three options.

Why West Coast home prices are surging
The hottest markets are in the West, and it's creating an affordability issue.

Do I really need a financial adviser?
If I just invest my money in some good low-cost mutual funds, do I really need to pay a financial adviser for help?

When a sexual harasser is a customer
Sometimes harassment happens over the counter, not behind it.

Discover will pay for its employees to earn a college degree
Discover is the latest company to launch a new employee tuition benefit this year, following Walmart and McDonald's.

The key to more female CEOs: More female board members
A majority of companies in the S&P 500 have at least one woman on their boards, but only 25% have two.

The 10 biggest tax breaks for individuals
Despite a major overhaul of the US tax code, the list of the 10 biggest tax breaks is remarkably similar to the list from past years.

Should I pay off my debt or save for emergencies first?
Ideally, you want to start paying off your debt while building an emergency fund at the same time. Here's how.

36% of colleges are hiding the cost to students
Confused by your college financial aid letter? It's not your fault.

Why it matters so much every time a woman CEO leaves
Read full story for latest details.

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Direct:  (727) 458-2821
Fax:  (727) 683-9805
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